Sunday, December 30, 2012

Oh Dear......

Oh Dear....what a big project to take on in the middle of Christmas!!! What was I thinking????  Oh well, I've opened the box...might as well jump in with both feet (like I do everything else, jump first, think about it later!) 

It has been over 13 years since I had last put together a doll house.  I had forgotten all the "stuff" that needed to be decided on before actual  assembling.  This would be dollhouse #6 or #7 so, I can do it!  This dollhouse is going to be played with, so I decided NO ELECTRICITY, so that should carve off some time from the "finish time", but as we will see that decision will change, as did so many other decisions that were made in the "early" stages of this dollhouse. 

I read all the directions that came with the dollhouse.  It has a great book full of directions and photos and even a website dedicated to building just this house.  How cool!  I gather all my "Tools" as you can see here...
Time to decide about the color scheme....well the directions say to paint it with real paint like you paint your house with...hmmmm  never used anything other than my acrylic "craft" paints.  But this kit is made from MDF  I've never built one from this so I don't know how the painting will be, so maybe I'll take their advice and use real house paint. 
We just painted the inside of our real home so we had some paint left over so I decided to use this.  The outside of the house will be a cream color named Cottage Cream in a satin finish and the inside will be a white color named Dover White in a satin finish. I decided to paint the inside of the house since it will be played with instead of wallpapering.
So I never do anything exactly by the instructions so I read it all and decided how I wanted to begin...if you are putting this house together...don't go by my instructions...they worked for me but they might not work for you so I am telling you to go by the directions from the book they provide for you.
Okay, now I'm ready to do some doll house building!!!!

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